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Careers, Education and Guidance

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Careers, Education and Guidance (CEG) is seen here at Trafford Alternative Education Provision as an essential part to every students’ curriculum. All students have an entitlement to an appropriate programme of provision. In the current economic climate it is important that your child is given the best possible chance to find information on all the education and training post-16.


Provider Access Policy Introduction 

This policy statement sets out the school’s arrangements for managing the access of providers to pupils at the school for the purpose of giving them information about the provider’s education or training offer. This complies with the school’s legal obligations under Section 42B of the Education Act 1997.


Pupil entitlement all pupils in years 8-13 are entitled:

To find out about technical education qualifications and apprenticeships opportunities, as part of a careers programme which provides information on the full range of education and training options available at each transition point;

To hear from a range of local providers about the opportunities they offer, including technical education and apprenticeships – through options events, assemblies and group discussions and taster events;

To understand how to make applications for the full range of academic and technical courses.


Management of provider access requests 

Management of provider access requests Procedure A provider wishing to request access should contact Jill Mundy on  Telephone:  0161 912 1479 Email:

Please speak to our Careers Leader to identify the most suitable opportunity for you.


Premises and facilities

The school will make the main hall, classrooms or private meeting rooms available for discussions between the provider and students, as appropriate to the activity. The school will also make available AV and other specialist equipment to support provider presentations. This will all be discussed and agreed in advance of the visit with the Careers Leader or a member of their team. Providers are welcome to leave a copy of their prospectus or other relevant course at the Careers Room, which is managed by Jill Mundy and Connections. The Resource Centre is available to all students at lunch and break times


Please click here for details of our Provider Access Policy.

At Trafford Alternative Education Provision the Careers Lead is Jill Mundy and our Careers adviser is Toni Jackson-Wilde. Toni works closely with local colleges and training providers to ensure your child is informed about all available choices when they leave us.

Our staff at TMES and THS work closely with our Careers Adviser Toni Jackson-Wilde from Connexions  to give our students independent Careers Guidance from Year 7 to 11 through one to one interviews, group work and drop-in sessions. Toni is at THS on Tuesday p.m. and at TMES on Wednesday a.m. This gives the students the opportunity to have a 1-1 careers interview with a Level 6 qualified and completely independent Careers Adviser. Toni is available to students at our request according to the SLA.

If parents would like to feedback on our career provision please contact Lynda Thompson, Executive Head teacher on: THS 0161 912 1479

Further Information regarding careers advice  in Trafford for young people can be found below, please click on the links: